guerrilla gardening

in Radford Nottingham

Thursday 2nd May 2024
what is guerrilla gardening?

Guerrilla gardening is growing plants in public places – with purpose, without permission!

The phrase “guerrilla gardening” was first documented in the early 1970s, when a group of radical residents began greening up neglected corners of New York City.

Despite what many assume, guerrilla gardening is not inherently illegal. The reason being, there’s no law that specifically prohibits the act of independently planting in public places.

To become a guerrilla gardener you just need to take action: transforming a neglected scrap of public space into a thriving pocket of plant life.

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why 2nd may?

Each year May 1st is  International Sunflower Guerrilla Garden Day  a day when guerrilla gardeners from all over the world plant sunflower seeds in places perceived to be neglected, such as ditches or public flower beds . We usually meet at Gamble Street Corner on Thursdays - hence 2nd May! And we'll plant more than Sunflowers!

what will guerrillla gardening on 2nd may involve?

We'll start on Gamble Street Corner - our very own guerrilla veg garden and branch out into the streets of Radford to sow seeds and plants in neglected spots for a couple of hours - the idea is that by Summer we have a riot of colour and flowers all accross the neighborhood.

what plants & seeds will we use?

Native Wildflower seeds that are a mix of annuals and perrenials - so we'll get plenty of colour straight away this year and then plants that come back year after year creating a beautiful permanent  envirnoment.

We'll also have stacks of Sunflower Seeds saved from our Red Gamble Street sunflowers and donated by generous locals.

what equipment will we use?

We'll have seed shakers for easy to access rough bits of land, edges of buildings, street corners and seed bombs to throw into  harder to reach neglected spots.

Wildflower seeds can just be scattered on bare earth - we'll have some forks to help create  a rough piece of soil if need be.

Sunflower seeds will want to be planted about 1inch deep in a hole so we'll have some 'dibbers' a stick that you stick in the ground to create a hole for the sunflower seed

what are the rules?

Keep these things in mind when we are out guerrilla gardening:

Only 'plant' on vacant, neglected, and spare land

Stick to public property spaces - we should only 'plant' on private property with permission

Don't cause any damage

Be respectful to the neighborhood and explain politely what we are doing if challenged

where will we go? 

Gamble Street Corner,  Forest Road, Limpney St, Alfreton Road, Independent St, Argyle St, Peveril St


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so..are you in?

Please leave your details in the form below to let us know you'll be taking part

Don't want to leave details? No problem just show up on Gamble St Corner at 2pm on 2nd May!

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