So What Is Tomato Day?!

Its a day when we celebrate the Tomato on Gamble St Corner ! The main aim of the day is to distribute free tomato plants to the community an encourage people to grow their own food...alongside that we have all sorts of fun activities and Tomato related fun on the corner

How to Take Part

Just turn up! Saturday 6th July 11 am - 1 pm

What are the Tomato Plants?

They're a variety called 'Dward Veranda Red' and htey are little bush tomato plants that can be grown in small spaces.

They grow to about 1ft square and produce a LOT of cherry tomatoes.

Due to their bushy habit there's nothing complicated to do! No canes or string to grow up, no side shoots to pich out - just let them do their thing!

All of the plants are grown at the Nottz Garden Project allotment in Whitemoor in Nottz.

This year we have about 200 plants.

So what else is happening on the day?

Free Tomato themed  food , Face painting, T Shirt printing, a Tomato mural wall and more!