Raleigh Street Patch will be our second site in Radford NG7 opening in 2024!

We've agreed access to some land right in the middle of the community where we'll grow veggies and flowers on a 20m x 3m back wall site in an old churchyard about a 5 minute walk from Gamble Street Corner. Its quite a different setting but the same ethos will apply, growing food for free for people who need it, bringing in wildlife through pollinators and inspiring people to grow their own food through engagement with the new green space. 

Amazing local charity SFICE are based next door, assisting the homeless, refugees and other vulnerable adults in our city. They host ESOL classes and cooking lessons on site and also host a 3 nights per week Social Cafe feeding the homeless. SFICE have a demand for fresh healthy food for their service users so they will definitely be using some of the food grown!